A small percentage of the Parcom Virtual Servers were affected by a service outage last week. PSPINC, the new operator of Parcom Web Hosting, has restored almost all of the affected accounts and continue working on restoring the few remaining. If you are experiencing any difficulties with your hosting services, please contact for assistance.


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From time to time, Parcom will offer some fantastic specials and will list them here. Sometimes the deals are for current customers, sometimes just for new customers! Other times we have it for both! So if you don’t want to miss out, please be sure to keep your eyes on this page or be a regular participant on our Facebook fan page and you’ll never miss out!

Parcom Special

30% Discount for our major services!

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Note: Don’t miss a sale again by joining our Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ pages! Some of our sales are unique to each one and are not posted here!

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