A small percentage of the Parcom Virtual Servers were affected by a service outage last week. PSPINC, the new operator of Parcom Web Hosting, has restored almost all of the affected accounts and continue working on restoring the few remaining. If you are experiencing any difficulties with your hosting services, please contact for assistance.

Custom Hosting

  • Build your own cloud package!
  • Scalable options
  • Secure cloud based
  • Web Control Panel
  • 70+ Applications

Domain Registration

  • .COM, .NET, .ORG and more!
  • Your information is safe
  • Secure
  • Provisioned fast
  • Other extensions available too

Bare-Metal Cloud

  • Custom configurations available
  • Full root access
  • Single-tenant virtual environment
  • Instantly activated dedicated servers!
  • Scale up or down with minimal impact

Parcom Value and Performance:

  • Multiple datacenters around the world
  • Great customer service
  • Quadruple redundant name servers for the fastest global Internet response times
  • Several major web statistics programs provided
  • Your web site is backed by secure servers within every Parcom city location:

    * Fremont, CA (West Coast USA)
    * Newark, NJ (East Coast USA)
    * Chicago, IL (Midwest USA)
    * Dallas, TX (South USA/S. America)
    * Atlanta, GA (South East USA)
    * London, UK (Europe)
    * Tokyo, JP (Asia/Pacific)