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Parcom offers a superior “DNS only” service for those with a registered domain and require a lot more than traditional domain name server services.  This is a “top shelf” type service designed for the professional with a registered domain who wishes to point their domain to remote destinations.


  • Quadruple redundant
  • Better than the free DNS services because they are not saturated with too many users
  • Each DNS cluster is located at 4 different providers.  Each one secure and each one different to assure superior performance and security that other hosting companies fail to do.
  • Managed DNS Service that is superior and affordable!
  • Avoid DNS outages that plague discount hosting services, and even if you prefer other hosts, at least protect the foundation of your hosting account withe a better DNS service at Parcom
  • Fast clustered DNS servers based on the Parcom cloud systems
  • Spread out to 4 cities around the world
  • Complete advanced DNS management via our customized control panel
  • Reliable and secured by Parcom’s exclusive DNS threat reduction system.  Reduces spam based on DNS attacks and improves reliable service to your chosen destination(s) for peace of mind.

Who is this for?

This service is designed for the advanced Parcom customer who wants control over their domain with a much higher standard.  Sure there are cheap dns services, but nothing like ours!   We made ours rock solid and also added a layer of security to reduce threats to our DNS server clusters and ultimately reduce problems to wherever you point your domain to as well.     The use of our advanced DNS management control panel will allow you to point to remote locations or other hosting services if that is required.   Many customers prefer Parcom for the added value, privacy, and of course security.    The most dramatic thing about our service is the speed – but we can let you find out and experience the quality you deserve today!

SEO advantage – Speed is everything!

Search Engine Optimization is important to any professional web site developer.   To give yourself an edge over the competition speed can play an important role to the success of your site surpassing your immediate competitors.   If you have a slow responding set of name servers, guess what?  Your rank suffers.   Over the years we have seen this to be true with not just our web site but from countless customers at Parcom who see a dramatic increase in search engine standing for their specific key words.   Of course, this depends on your SEO skills or your SEO consultant’s abilities too.  But in general, the more speed you can have the better. Of course, the ultimate advantage is given to those who use more than just our DNS services but everything from domain registration to our hosting.  Once you taste the speed difference it will be very hard to go back to other hosts.    We hear of stories of customers coming back after dropping in standing on major search engines!   Benefit from our geographic advantages and cloud based DNS cluster speed, stick to Parcom!

DNS Cluster Locations:

  • Dallas, Texas USA
  • Chicago, Illinois USA
  • Fremont, California USA
  • London, UK

Pricing: As low as $2.00/mo depending on how long you wish to use the service.

For a list of prices visit our price break down page.

Please note that this service does not include web site hosting or e-mail services and requires a registered domain of which you can register or transfer with Parcom too.

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