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Parcom offers a great discount program for web site developers!   We offer a simple discount offering for both cloud based hosting and domain registrations based on volume.  That’s it!  To join, simply contact us!  Not much discount?  Remember this is PERMANENT PLUS domain discounts too!  That adds up across time not to mention the benefits of us recommending you potential clients too!  (Add the affiliate program to earn cash at the same time too.)

Parcom Developer

Parcom offers discounts to loyal developers!

Permanent master account discount and offerings:

  • BRONZE: 2-5 cloud based hosting accounts get 5% off hosting.
  • SILVER: 6-11 cloud based hosting accounts get 10% off hosting with additional domain registration discounts.
  • GOLD: 11+ cloud based hosting accounts get 15% off hosting, bigger discounts on domain registrations, and discounts on SSL and other certificates.

NEW: All members now get separate invoice capability for easier accounting, and all are exempt from suspension.   We trust you will pay on time being a developer with us, so we give you this added bonus!

Future Program Incentives:

This program will be evolving constantly!  We will offer marketing information to providing great free advertising opportunities too.  A private forum to provide business guidance is being built too.  If you develop with WordPress, we will also give you exclusive security best practices as well as unique services only available to WordPress developers.   And, work with our founder for joint ventures!  Parcom wants you to succeed with us!

Requirements and Rules:

  1. Primary company domain must be hosted with Parcom.
  2. Primary company domain registration must be with Parcom.
  3. Developers manage their customer accounts and work with their customers directly.  In other words, customers do not contact Parcom.
  4. All hosted accounts and domains must be within one central Parcom portal account.
  5. Individualized invoicing is available.
  6. Developers are to proudly display that you host client sites with Parcom.   (Parcom can provide a basic web page for marketing purposes.)
  7. Pricing is strongly recommended to not exceed Parcom retail prices.
  8. Content on Parcom site can be reflected on developer site upon request.  Recommended marketing information will be provided to developers though!
  9. Discounts are for as long as you remain in the respective developer level.   Access to higher levels are by request of the developer.
  10. To maintain good standing a developer partner must at least add a new account purchase every few months.   We determine this based on our conversations with each partner.   We know some can churn one account a week all the way to a developer who develops one site every several months.   Just work with us – are goal is for mutual success!   This is not for you if you plan on only having 2 customers for ever… in that case you are better off just maintaining a standard account with us until you are ready to grow with us!


I want to hide Parcom from my customers.  Can I have a private label service?   Not at this time.   This program is for the loyal developers who choose Parcom for their clients.

If I go below a certain level, do I lose the discount?  We are reasonable people, but if for any reason you go below for too long we will have to reduce your discount.  This is not meant for someone with 2 accounts that remain at 2 forever.   If you are seeking permanent bulk discounts and are not planning to grow, then we can arrange a different discount for you.  That is negotiable!

Do I get discounts on domains?  Yes.  For now there is a modest discount on .COM, .NET, and .ORG domains with our Gold level developers.

Is this for just the new Parcom cloud hosting services?  Yes.

What is separate invoicing?  This is great for those with many clients you wish to pay at different times.  Very flexible for times when one customer is late, but the rest are on time.

What is suspend exempt mean? This is a courtesy to our most loyal developers in that there is no suspension of accounts if you are late.   Now granted, if you abuse this too often and are late on payments you are still subject to late fees but could lose gold status if it persists.

I have legacy Parcom accounts, do they count?  We can work with each developer on a case by case basis as that can depend on a few things.  Just contact us and we can figure something out for you too!  We work very hard to take care of all of our clients!


Contact us if you are ready to sign up!


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