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Parcom Affiliate CashParcom offers our loyal customers a great way to earn money through our affiliate program when they recommend unique new clients to us!


  • Earn 10% of every sale!
  • A gift of $5.00 is automatically given to you within your account just for signing up!
  • Payouts are given once you reach $25.00 (USD) which is REALLY easy for so many of you!
  • Simple straight forward link to use for your web site or correspondence.
  • Transactions are all automated.  (No manual requests please.  We just want this to be easy, and low overhead as we’re giving up quite a profit too!)
  • Credits can be used to pay for your cloud hosting and domain registrations.
  • Cool banners can be used!

How to Join:

Just visit our customer service portal and you will see the affiliate link will be available to those who sign up as a customer:

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about this program.


Attention Sales Ninjas:  Are you into bigger sums of cash?  Then contact us if you are the type that wants bigger money and can bring in more referrals.  We can make that happen too.



  • To receive cash back, you just have to contact our customer service department.  Please allow 30 days for credit (after our monthly billing cycle.)   You may receive the same amount as credit sooner if you prefer.   Cash/paypal payments will add a modest transaction fee of $2.00.   If you wish to have a check drawn in U.S. dollars mailed to you, we will add $6.00 processing fee to mail the check first class for domestic customers, $8.00 fee for international customers.   ZERO fees if you prefer the amount transferred into your hosting/registration account(s).
  • Gain free hosting: Refer enough customers, people can pay for their entire hosting and domain registration for many years!
  • You do not even have to have a hosting account with Parcom!  You do have to sign up for a portal account though.
  • Manual referrals are a bit more work for us, but if you insist, there is a modest fee where we simply do 4% commission to accommodate what would have been automated.
  • Each new referral cannot be your own account(s) that you refer. They must be unique new sign ups where the account holder is a different person and different billing information to count.