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At Parcom, our attention to detail is unmatched!    We work hard to make sure our features are not just slapped together but well thought out too.

Technical highlights:

  • Service built around security first: Building around security was #1 to us.
  • Net Neutral Network: Parcom believes in freedom of connectivity.  Information: Net Neutral Web Hosting
  • Redundant name servers:  Our customers get four geographically dispersed name servers assigned to their domains for true cloud computing reliability!  Located at: Fremont, Dallas, Chicago, and in London.
  • Perfect E-mail settings:    If your e-mail is important to you, and it should be, we setup each customer with precise settings for proper e-mail delivery.
  • Choice of web mail interfaces: Why have just one at another host?   We give you several interfaces!
  • Great Video Tutorials: Parcom has some great video tutorials to help you get to know our many systems!
  • Low density servers:  The systems we use always are set to never exceed 40% utilization in terms of resources.  Why?  It leaves 60% for handling peak times and spikes!   Need we say more?
  • Top Tier Providers:  We won’t lie, we are honest in that we do work with the best of the best providers.  Microsoft, Amazon, Rackspace, etc.   All of our cloud providers work as one for our global network.
  • High quality applications: We provide a growing list of 70+ great applications for you to install.
  • Time Zones: Our servers are set to the local time of the region and not just one time zone.
  • Our technology: We use the best of the best technology providers and solutions that customers demand from us!   We do not limit your choices, we embrace giving you as much as possible so you can succeed!
  • Being on our secure cloud is better:  We know there are a lot of shared hosting providers to choose from, so we decided to not just be another shared hosting company we went above and beyond with our unique network!
  • FREE CDN – Parcom also provides you a great free content delivery service for your site too!
  • FREE SEO Service – We also offer a great SEO service too for free!
  • Great deal with Constant Contact – Need the perfect e-mail marketing solution for your newsletters or mailing lists?  Parcom has a fantastic partnership with Constant Contact too!

Compare us to the rest still on “old school” technology!