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Parcom Next GenerationParcom provides secure, fast, stable, and easy-to-use, 6th generation hosting backed by a superior cloud network well beyond the competition.  It is so technologically advanced without being complicated, making it the perfect choice for those who want the best without compromise.

Our secure cloud network is built for professional web site owners who appreciate a higher standard.

For our wonderful legacy clients, we wrote this for you: New Parcom Hosting vs Parcom Legacy Hosting

Parcom Web Hosting

All others on old school technology

Hosted across cloud based clustered servers with superior fast disk arrays. Latest generation and designed around security first.

Who knows! All kinds of configurations out there that you just do not know what you get!

Parcom uses a four city redundant name server cluster that is purposely spread out to four different providers too.

Who knows! Most hosts do not pay attention the the most important first impact service that make a web site work! DNS or name servers need to be secure and typically hosting companies place them all together in one place and at one network. Bad!

Offering several interconnected world class data-center locations. Closer to customers for superior performance!

Who knows! Some hide the fact they maybe in some guy’s basement.

No hidden fees or tricky fine print. Scale our services up or down as you need to. No games, no surprise fees.

The industry is filled with sales gimmicks, games, loss leaders, and hidden fees.

Net Neutral Network

Maybe. Could be censored.

Hosted on a true cloud based cluster of multiple servers worldwide!

Nothing compares to Parcom!

When faced with spikes in web site traffic your web site can scale to meet demand.

The huge list of fine print says a lot about our competition. Lack of transparency.

Don’t have to be a total geek to enjoy what is designed for those who like complex cool features..

Some places do require you to be a certified I.T. guru.

Updated virus scanner. Parcom cares and promotes a secure environment.

Unknown. Many do not care about your data.

Protection DoS (Denial-of-Service) and many security threats. Security first.

Unknown. Most likely very minimal at best.

Never affected by a next door neighbor. In other words, a busy customer will not affect other customers on a Parcom node.

Who knows. You’re just packed in like cattle at many competitors of ours!

A straight forward full backup system. A complete automated solution that can be used to move between city nodes too. Reliable, complete, and safe.

It varies, and most backup offerings are incomplete or cost you more money. Many only backup a limited amount with huge fine print restrictions.

Been in business since 1997 and we maintain a 20 year business plan that is always evolving.

Unlikely. Plenty of fly by nights out there!

A passionate team who is here for the long haul.

There’s a lot of competition, but we cannot find any competitor who has been around as long with the same passion. The ones we know of are not in business anymore!

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