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Here are some of our common frequently asked questions.  If you still have questions, do not hesitate to let us know!

Q: Where can I find some basic tutorial videos?
A: Parcom offers some great video tutorials and we also provide some other related development and other useful tutorials too.

Q: Are there volume discounts for web site developers?
A: Yes Parcom offers a great developer program to not just offer discounts, but we also provide amazing incentives to grow with us!

Q: I am a legacy hosting customer, what is the difference between legacy and the new hosting services?
A: This document should help: New Parcom Hosting vs Parcom Legacy Hosting

Q: Is the Parcom cloud network safe?
A: Parcom was built around security as the #1 priority first.   We assure our customers even since day one in 1997 that our standards are far superior to any other hosting company due to our passion for security!   We work very hard to exceed all security standards when it comes to hosting customer sites to the point that we do host with very important information.

Q: What cities is Parcom in?  And are their other cities planned?
A: We are currently in these cities, and yes we plan to roll out our cloud services in many cities over time.   Just let us know if you have a city you wish Parcom to invest in!

  • Atlanta, GA, USA – Serving our South Eastern U.S. customers.
  • Chicago, IL, USA – Serving our Mid-West U.S. and most of our customers in Canada.
  • Dallas, TX, USA – Serving our Central U.S. and South American region customers.
  • Fremont, CA, USA – Serving our West Coast U.S. region customers.
  • Newark, NJ, USA – Serving our East Coast U.S. customers.
  • London, GB, UK – Serving our European customers
  • Tokyo, JP, ASIA – Serving our clients throughout Asia and Pacific Rim Region.

Q: I bought a domain, where is the hosting?

A: Each customer needs two pieces to their web site.  A registered domain and a web hosting package. If you only bought a domain with us but simply forgot to get the hosting package, be sure to add hosting to it by going to our shopping cart.

Q: I currently have a domain registered at the old Parcom.net service, what do I select when I sign up for the cloud hosting service at Parcom?
A: You select the third option during sign up “I will use my existing domain and update my nameservers” Please notify us when you are ready to update the name servers and we will also migrate your domain registration over to the new cloud billing system too.   And from that point forward you can manage your domain too!

Q: If I have credit at the old Parcom system, can I request it be transferred to the new system?
A: Yes, only after you purchased a new cloud service can we apply any credit left (after you cancel all services at the old Parcom legacy billing system.)

Q: I am on one of the previous services offered at Parcom, do I have to move?
A: Moving is totally optional and not automatic due to technical differences between the previous services and today’s modern global cloud network at Parcom.   In short, move when you are ready and when you also want to experience a new way of hosting your web site!    You cannot compare apples to oranges with this service, it is totally different from previous Parcom systems of the past too!  If you have any questions, feel free to let us know or visit our knowledge base for some technical answers too.

Q: Do you have a list of easy to install applications?
A: Yes! We offer top quality applications for you to easily install!  Please visit Parcom Applications for more information.

Q: Is the hosting service Linux or Windows based?
A: Currently the cloud hosting service is 100% Linux based.  We are designing a Windows version of what we have today.  Be sure to let us know if you are interested in something similar but for .NET purposes.

Q: Is it better to host my site with Parcom’s shared cloud than on a traditional hosting server?
A: Absolutely!  Our solution gives you the benefits of the cloud without all the headaches!  Faster disk arrays, numerous back bone providers at each city, and all redundant.   Our 6th generation hosting service is unmatched at this time in terms of total value!

Q: What kind of statistics does Parcom offer?
A: We offer raw logs, Analog, AWSTATS, Logaholic, and Webalizer solutions.   All with archiving and backup capabilities.

Q: Can I backup and restore my web site?
A: Absolutely!  Your cloud hosted site comes with automated backup service.   You can also download a complete archive of your entire package which can be used to move from cloud node to cloud node! (Moving between nodes is very advanced so you may want to have Parcom assist you if you require help moving from city to city)   Parcom also maintains a third option but it is meant to protect us against disasters and we maintain server images for emergency purposes only.   We can easily get back an image of our system within minutes if something bad should ever happen to the entire server.

Q: Why can I not have unlimited disk space like all the other big hosting companies offer?
A: First of all Parcom does not over subscribe our ultra fast disk arrays.   Cloud based systems that are redundant and fast are not your typical cheap drives found at your local computer store!   Every customer will experience speed and reliability on top of having top notch security.   Giving unlimited disk space is not a good idea for security and stability reasons.  Why risk your web site to be next to a person that can use all available disk space and then your site goes down because of one person!?

Q: Do you have more than two name servers and are they spread out geographically?
Yes!  Not only are they in multiple cities, but we have four different redundant cloud based name servers serving each of our customers!  Four very fast name servers around the world gives you fantastic reliability!

Q: What kind of control panel do you offer?
A: Parcom created a custom set of servers to accommodate CPanel and billing system all running in the cloud too!   Highly tuned to provide a reliable interface to your web site hosting service.  In terms of our billing system, we wanted to make sure our customers feel like they are the only customers on the system.   Fast, cloud based, very secure, and extremely reliable!

Q: Can I install WordPress in my Parcom cloud hosting account?
A: WordPress is one of the most popular content management solutions out there!  And yes, we tested WordPress among dozens of other fine products to run successfully within the Parcom cloud.  In fact, you will love the simple installer!

Q: Does Parcom support PHP?
A: Yes, we only support the latest version of PHP 5.x and it is always kept up to date.    (Specific information about PHP extensions is within our knowledgebase.)


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