Why Parcom?

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We are a group of hosting industry veterans and technology enthusiasts whose goal is to create a cloud hosting service we would want to use ourselves.   Since 1997, we have taken pride in serving many clients from around the world who share the same values and interests as we do.  We work hard to provide the best services we can possibly offer!

Our Network

Parcom maintains a growing secure global net neutral network to serve the many thousands of clients around the world!  We are honest in that in order to provide the goal of Parcom to be in over two dozen cities soon, we had to partner up with the best cloud providers.   We used to own our own data center, then we co-located, then we started to realize the best way to expand rapidly was to find the best of the best providers who can help us build a giant global cloud of cloud networks.   Microsoft, Amazon, Rackspace, etc.   We are working with two dozen providers – and you may think that is strange right?  Well, think of it this way – if one of those providers does not meet our standards we can easily move from not just a virtual cloud server to another, we can move from city to city easily.   We are the first to pioneer the world’s first huge cloud of cloud networks.   Almost can call it a “sky network.”   (Terminator fans may love that one!)

We provide a choice of six world-class data center locations to choose from:

  • Atlanta, GA, USA – Serving our South Eastern U.S. customers.
  • Dallas, TX, USA – Serving our Central U.S. and South American region customers.
  • Fremont, CA, USA – Serving our West Coast U.S. customers.
  • Newark, NJ, USA – Serving our East Coast U.S. customers.
  • London, GB, UK – Serving our European customers.
  • Tokyo, JP – Serving our clients in Asia.

Which one should you choose?  They are all excellent!  We are the industry leader in cloud based “geo hosting!”  However, we wanted our servers to be close to our customers!   We highly recommend you pick a data center that is near you for best results.

Is the Parcom Secure Geo Cloud secure?

We built our network around security first.  Met with every single provider, large and small to assure they meet our higher security standards.   It isn’t an after thought as found at some cloud application type services.   Rest assured, our experience comes with far greater security benefits than traditional hosting at other hosting companies.  We made sure of that!  Our own in-house technology and security techniques keeps our server clusters as safe as they can be.   Nothing is perfect, but we know they are superior to some of the largest hosting companies out there who have security as a side feature rather than a priority feature.   Building around security does have it’s unique challenges in that we cannot compete with the likes of the hosting companies who over subscribe or give you more than is physically possible for starters.   To have proper security in mind, we focus more on quality not quantity.  That should speak volumes right there.

Our Company

Here are some other reasons to choose Parcom:

  • No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee!
  • Great video tutorials!
  • Parcom will never sell your PRIVATE information.  We respect customer privacy!
  • From having quadruple redundant globally dispersed name servers to precise by the book e-mail settings… our fanatical attention to detail is unmatched!
  • We audit every single order with great detail.  This assures our community is safe!
  • Our service resides on redundant high speed connections to the internet at each cloud node location.
  • No advertising required on your site.  Well… unless you want to!
  • Over 95% of our sales is due to referrals.  We love our customers for recommending us!
  • We focus on giving you features our customers want!
  • No forced annual contracts with hidden cancellation fees.
  • Great customer service to our customers.
  • Honest network policies.  No games, no hidden policies.
  • Parcom maintains a 20 year business plan.  We are here for the long haul!
  • Our company believes our success is directly attributed to your success!
  • We absolutely love our work!
  • Need more technical reasons?  Go to our features page.   Or, compare us.

If you have any questions about Parcom and are still unsure why you should choose our company over another please let us know.

Try one of our plans today!  We know you will be pleased by the speed, the security, the stability and the service that Parcom provides you.